When I was asked about how the project made me feel, I replied “excited and terrified”, because I knew the scale of the work to be done.

From Tally Ho's new owner, Leo Goolden:

Tally Ho has arrived in her new home!

I have been here for a couple of days, felling trees, moving trailers, and levelling the site, and Tally Ho arrived at 0930 this morning, and was chocked up and in position by 1100, after some extremely skilful reversing by Mark from Associated Boat Transport. They did a great job, true professionals.

Just wanted to say many, many thanks to all involved, it couldn't have been done without everyone's help. In particular, Pat for putting so much work into helping get the boat loaded in Brookings, and for sending me up so much great wood and beer with the boat! And Thad, for going out of your way drive me to the airport and for all your research. And the rest of the ASA for your continued support and enthusiasm - it's really great to have you guys behind the project. And of course to everybody else, for their various roles in the operation!


The next step is to build a cover over the boat, which I will hopefully be doing over the next few days. Then I will be away for a few weeks, before I come back (probably in August) and get the workshop set up to start work properly.


The move of the boat will be put into the next posts on my blog http://www.sampsonboat.co.uk/

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