In this episode we take a look at the names of the basic parts of a wooden boat. Hopefully this will help people who haven’t had much experience with traditionally built vessels to better understand what we are doing on Tally Ho!

After that I start working on the hanging and lodging knee patterns, creating a jig to taper stacks of plywood for the laminated arms. Pat’s wife Bonny helps us out with some grinding whilst Pat casts more floors at Port Townsend Foundry. Clark fits the floors into the boat and Pete continues fairing the frames for planking, only stopping occasionally to tell me exactly what he is doing…

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  • Mini Vandals - World War Blues
  • Midnight North - Olde Salooner Blues
  • Patrick Patrikios - Dude
  • Joey Pecoraro - Jazz Apricot
  • Barry Phillips - Devil in the Bush / Polka d'Auvergne
  • Rachel K Collier - Slug Love 87
  • Barry Phillips - Polska Fran Glava

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