(Not  Tally Ho ... Included for continuity)

Very sensibly, Leo occasionally takes time out from the work on Tally Ho. That's a vital move for one's own sanity and I'd have been worried if he didn't. Focussing too hard on one thing to the exclusion of everything else is a sure-fire recipe for burnout.

In this episode from Leo, he revisits Luke Powell. As usual, it's an opportunity for Leo not just to break and do something a little different, but also an opportunity to reflect, compare, contrast and learn.


In this episode Leo visits the massively impressive new Pilot Cutter being built in Cornwall, UK. She is named the Pellew, and is a replica of the 68′ Falmouth Pilot Cutter Vincent, which was built in St Mawes in 1852.

Leo has a conversation with Luke Powell, Project Manager and Chief Shipwright, about their progress since last time he last visited the project 6 months ago. They discuss the enormous mast that is currently being made, and also the challenges of managing a project of this size and scope.