In this episode Leo visits two incredible projects that are both happening in Cornwall UK. They are both giving new life to traditional wooden fishing boats, but they are doing so in very different ways!
Charlotte and Jess have rebuilt and converted their wooden fishing boat into a motor launch with a banquet table, and have started a business taking people out around the Cornish coastline for hand-cooked meals on board.
Steve is maintaining and repairing his 110 year-old Danish Fishing Trawler, which has begun to work once more – but this time she is fishing for garbage! Steve has been clearing up rubbish and trash from the Cornish coastline for years, but now plans to use the huge fishing schooner to scale up the operation and clean less accessible areas, raising awareness of the issues of marine plastic waste at the same time.


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Leo took on Tally Ho and the major task of her restoration.

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