In this episode Leo returns to Washington State USA, and gets back to work on Tally Ho! First he gives a brief tour of the project, and a little overview of the work done up until now. He gets the ship-saw set up again, and then get on with cutting a few more futtocks and assembling another couple of frames. He also talks about his plans and ideas for the future of the project, and how he's going to try and speed things up!


It'll be very interesting to see what further Leo can come up with to spped up the work.  Everyone I've talked about this with within the Albert Strange Association  has remarked how widely and well Leo makes and uses jigs. - Gordon Scott.

Hmm, that was a surprise. I'd rather presumed he already used the trunells for alignment .. holding two pieces of gluey anything together whilst aligning is tricky. The built-in alignment pegs seemed like an obvious choice. Ah well ... a brief moment of "can't see the wood for the trees". We all have them occasionally :-)



The video about obtaining the Southern Live Oak is Episode 19

I'll not put Leo's email address here, but you'll find in on his own site:

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