As many people will know, it's traditional to place a coin under the mast of a ship.  Placing the coin is a ceremonious affair and is thought to bring good luck.

I know Leo thought about this quite a bit ... should it be an British coin for where Tally Ho was originally built, or a United States of America coin, from where she was restored.

His compromise was to have a coin made specially for the job.

Here is the making of that coin.

Jordan J Kimpton:

In this video I start the process of casting a coin for Tally Ho's mast step from a piece of bronze used in her original plank fastening! I go through the trials of making a successful silicone wax pattern and managed to only burn myself once or twice.

In [the second] video I visit Rod at the forge and we pour the bronze for the coin! I then look in to the next steps to make sure that I get the perfect coin.

Rod Hughes: Bladesmith - Swordmaker

There are some really beautiful iron-folding patterns on his swords.

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