In this episode we move Tally Ho!

Before the move we experience a crazy heatwave with record-breaking temperatures, and I have to take some drastic measures to keep the boat cool. Next we take the boatshed down, revealing the lines of the boat without any visual obstructions.

I also finally introduce the owners of the property where Tally Ho and I have been living for the past 4 years, Raul and Darlene. They tell a little part of their story and we all get a bit emotional.

Finally, Associated Boat Transport arrive with their amazing hydraulic trailer, they load up the boat, and thanks to some incredible driving we manage to squeeze her through the tiny gap between the house and the trees, with no room to spare!  I have a hair-raising trip to Port Townsend watching my boat speed down the highway ahead of me, and finally we arrive safely in the new location.

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