In this episode, Leo travels to the UK to visit his family and do some work for a friend in his Boatyard, to save some funds to go towards Tally Ho. In Cornwall. He cuts Floor Timbers out of English Oak, to put into a new-build foot-passenger Ferry.

The really interesting thing about this Ferry is that it is a real working boat – it is designed to load passengers by driving right up onto the beach (where there is a waiting tractor with some kind of gangplank).

The ferry company tried using Steel and Fibreglass boats, but neither material lasted nearly as well as their older wooden boats – the steel boats would lose their paint and rust, and the Fibreglass boats just fell apart. So, when they needed replacements, they decided to go back to traditional wooden boats. Apparently the last boat that Butler & Co built for them is the fastest and most fuel-efficient boat in their fleet

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