In this episode, after roughing-out the starboard side Rabbet into the Stem, Leo makes a jig to transfer the measurements for the shape of the Keel Timber from the lofting floor to the boat itself. He than starts working on actually shaping the keel to its final shape, firstly using a TurboPlane wheel on a Grinder, and then switching to a good ole’fashioned Adze.  He also adds some small pieces of Purpleheart to complete the shape of the Forefoot, and makes a small book-stand for his hosts here.

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Lofting videos. Lofting is the process of scaling up the lines of the ship from the plans to, usually, full size. It's an interesting process, but quite hard work. Leo covers is well, mostly in episodes 24 to 27.:

Episode 24 -- Lofing Tally Ho's Lines part 1

Episode 25 -- Lofing Tally Ho's Lines part 2

Episode 26 - The Kindness of Strangers

Episode 27 -- From Lofting to Re-Framing / Removing Planks


  • Perry Gordon & His Rhythm Club - At The Jazz Band Ball
  • Audionautix - Totally Looped
  • Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - Uptown
  • Jeremy Blake - U In My Arms
  • John Deley and the 41 Players - Dixie Outlandish
  • Bad Snacks - New Moon

(links to Perry Gordon & His Rhythm Club):