Work starts on Tally Ho herself.

Seeing the work needed just to remove the garboards helps to put the whole task into perspective.

It's great Leo is going to this depth in her as that should pick up and fix deep-seated problems now, rather than later when she's afloat. Interesting that she has 'concrete' in the bilges. My own boat was built the same way, in the more recent 1930. I can't say about Tally Ho, but Galatea's 'concrete' is actually a very strong mortar mix, probably 3:1 sharp-sand and cement. It's smooth and extremely strong. Hopefully, with the garboards off, Leo may be able to use something like a breaker drill to remove it. Another possibility may be the old quarrying techniques driving metal 'feathers and wedges' into a drilled line of holes, or some other non-explosive demolition method to crack the concrete in a controlled way.