Just a reminder that this site now follows Leo's work.
I set it up when we learned that Tally Ho was in immediate and serious peril, as part of an all-out effort to rescue her one way or another.  Leo came to us with a proposal that, after some discussion, we cautiosly but gratefully agreed and have been inspired by his dedication, professionalism and progress on her.
Gordon Scott;  Albert Strange Association.


In this episode Leo and helpers install the Fashion Pieces, which will form the connection between the hull planking and the transom.

They have to cut the heels, drill and chisel the notches in the centreline, and bed them with Red Lead paint and bedding compound (Dolfinite & pine tar).

Rowan also works on fairing the bottom of the frames in preparation for the cast bronze floor templates.

Finally, Leo works on adjusting the frames to be fair at the sheer line, in preparation for the beam shelf (sheer clamp) and bilge stringer.


Leo skipped over a bit of this quite quickly and I thought I'd explain further in case anyone was puzzled.

He talks about extending the lost floor and "expanding the transom".

The drawing from which he works are in three planes: vertical along the ship, vertical accross the ship and horizontal. The transom, though, is not vertical, it leans backwards by a number of degrees, and that means it's on a hypotenuse from the drawings. The hypotenuse is longer that the vertical, so the transom it longer that the stern-on view of it.

That all mean, of course, that Leo has to take each significant point on the stern-on drawing of the tyransom and extend it by the diffgerence in length between the vertical and the hypotenuse.

Think of a 3:4:5 right angled triangle. That "4" part is the vertical, but the transom is the "5" part, so everything for the transom must me "stretched" in the lengthwise direction by 5/4. The bevels are also affected by this. That's quote tricky to handle.

I think the classic work on lofting is probably still Howard I. Chapelle's book: Boatbuilding: A Complete Handbook of Wooden Boat Construction


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