"The new Port Manager wants all 'dead wood' out."
and that includes Tally Ho.

On the tenth of January 2017 the Albert Strange Association (ASA) received notice that "The new Port Manager wants all 'dead wood' out.", and that includes Tally Ho. By 13th February 2017.

Fortunately with huge help from our relatively local ASA member Pat Kellis and with appropriate letters from ASA about Tally Ho's historic significance, Brookings Harbor has extended the deadline for removal until June 2017 and also agreed to not apply the rather high storage charges they were proposing.

But that means Tally Ho must be relocated by that time or be destroyed.

Whilst the Albert Strange Association has been looking for some time for someone to take on ownership and restoration of Tally Ho, and we have had several candidates, finding someone suitable was always to be a long job.

The news from Brookings Harbor puts a new imperrative on the task.