I thought I'd post this brief report from Pat, our man close to Brookings. Pat has been amazing(!), especially as he's now quite a few decades past 21.

I also post it, because a few people have been annoyed by Tally Ho's "eviction" (after several years there at low cost). Pat's note shows the Port of Brookings Harbour people in the right light.

Hello all

I drove to Brookings yesterday and had nice conversation with Travis, the Yard Foreman, at the Port. He will be operating the Staddlelift on the 14th and he assured me that everything will be ready to go then.

Travis was involved in the original move of Tally Ho and seemed to be as pleased about Tally Ho's new status as I am.

He said any other equipment we need will certainly be available and we will have the full support and cooperation of the rest of the Port staff. I also talked to Roy Davis, Chairman of the Port Commission, and he reiterated his support and enthusiasm.

There is still the big mobile crane blocking access to Tally Ho but the owner was in the process of moving it out of the way and it should be gone later this week. I will haul some of the lumber and stuff and load it then. I plan to remove the remaining cover and stow some of the other miscellany into the hold on Monday. I have volunteered some friends to help me with this.

Should I save the remnants of the cover and put it in the hold?

I hesitate putting anything inside the boat that can't easily be manhandled at Sequim. I will secure all of the loose stuff on pallets and decide how to stow it when the trailer arrives.

More later


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