Port Townsend - 2023

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In this holiday special we tour the boat and catch up with all the projects that are currently ongoing or finished but haven’t been in a video yet! They include winch bases, electrical panels, cabinets, a very versatile ladder, and even some Christmas lights.

In this bonus New Years episode, I go to collect Tally Ho’s new Diesel Tanks from Bellingham on Christmas Day!
In this episode we finish planking the bulwarks - but before the last planks can be fastened, the stanchions themselves have to each be cut down to their final length and have a tenon cut into the top. Meanwhile, Patrick makes a beautiful oak post inside the boat, as well as a bulkhead that divides the galley and the chart table. The winter weather bring snow and flooding, causing disruption in the boatyard but creating some beautiful scenery.
In this episode I return from the UK (with a brand new visa!) and catch up with the crew and the amazing progress they have made on Tally Ho. While I was away, Patrick built more furniture in the aft cabin, George installed the freezer in the Saloon, Clifton constructed the cockpit footwell, and so on. We meet Erica, who is joining us to help with systems install work, and finally we catch up with the beautiful teak companionway deckhouse that Pat Mahon has been building.
In this episode we follow the construction of the main mast, which is built of 8 long staves of high quality Sitka Spruce glued together in a barrel-staved construction with West System epoxy. We talk about different types of mast construction, and look at why wooden masts are often built hollow and what components are encapsulated inside. We also catch up with a few other projects around the yard - Nic has returned and is working on the cabinetry in the head, George is building a fort in the saloon, and Joe has some shiny stainless plumbing fittings to show off. Patrick makes another wig and George tries to interview some Seagulls…
The sun is shining in the boatyard, but the temperature has dropped - there’s a thin layer of ice on the water in the marina. Inside a large green hanger several boatbuilders struggle to wrestle aluminium diesel tanks into a wooden boat. Meanwhile, the cockpit footwell is subjected to more vacuum-bagging, to glue up the beautiful teak cladding.
In this episode we follow a lot of amazing woodwork - Zeal bolts together and shapes the huge purpleheart rudder, and Nic fits builds some elegant cherry cabinetry in the Head. We also get a visit from some local musicians, and George cooks Salmon with an oxy-propane torch - it’s just another day in the boatyard!
In this episode we trick Patty with some fake poop, we shock our faces with microcurrent in the name of capitalism, and we discover the best places to warm tortillas on your diesel engine. On a more serious note, we also talk about the dangers of electrocution at sea and catch up with progress on Tally Ho’s systems - including a full explanation of the electrical distribution locker, the black water plumbing system, and the hybrid shaft-clutch mechanism.
In this episode we work on Tally Ho’s front door, which will be a traditional frame-and-panel door built with quarter-sawn Oak. We talk a little bit about the history of front doors on traditional boats, and the door opening is cut with some precision chainsaw-work. Also in this video - Zeal caulks most of the deck seams, and the beautiful main companionway hatch and cockpit coaming get installed onto the boat.
In this episode Leo builds the Teak companionway steps, Patty installs some beautiful aluminium brackets, George builds out the saloon, and Joe explains the latest developments in the engine room. In other news, the Duchess of Desire goes yachting, and the bulbous-bow comes to the big screen!
In this episode we follow a (slightly stressful) day in the boatyard, catching up on the dozens of jobs currently in progress - from the galley to the deck furniture, the rudder, the winches, and so much more. We meet riggers and spar-builders, and even Gandalf the grey stops in to say hi.
In this episode Zeal fits the cast bronze rudder hardware to the boat, and he and Patrick hot-rivet the gudgeons through the purple heart stern-post. Nic does some beautiful work on the “front door” and we find out where this door is actually destined to live. We also follow the construction of the trim tab, which is made from Alaskan Yellow Cedar with a bronze pin running through it, and then protected with G10 plate and fibreglass cloth.
In this episode we follow Bob as he builds some beautiful wooden strop-blocks for Tally Ho’s rig, and explains their purpose.
In this episode Patrick and I decide to become masochists and join "SEVENTY48" - a 70 mile rowing race from Tacoma to Port Townsend. We also catch up with the progress on Tally Ho’s beautiful mast and other spars, which are being built at the Northwest Maritime Center.
In this video I get started making Tally Ho’s cap rails - the large Teak pieces that curve around the top of the bulwarks. We also get out for a sail on another old British Gaff Cutter, the bulwarks get faired, and Paddy does a dance!
In this video we hang the solid Purpleheart rudder onto the stern of the boat! Firstly though, Zeal has to do some impressive shaping work using an Adze, chisels, grinders and more. We also catch up on progress with the Teak cap rail, and the Bulwarks get their first coat of paint.
In this episode we install a lot of exciting and shiny new equipment into Tally Ho’s supersonic engine room. We also install the cockpit footwell, which encloses the engine room and also means we can actually sit in the cockpit! In other news, Zeal sands the deck, revealing the beautiful sharp seams between the Yellow Cedar and Teak deck planks. Batten down the pod bay hatches, Hal.
In this episode Patrick builds the Galley and Zeal installs the Chainplates!
In this bonus episode we see the deck prisms and the head cabinetry get installed!
In this episode we talk about how close Tally Ho’s launch might be, we talk about the work that is left to do, and we talk about how you can come and see us and the boat in person! We also see some carving work on the bulwark planks, as I try to replicate the original designs.
In this episode we focus on different jobs that have been going on around the deck of Tally Ho - building the skylight hatch, decking the cockpit, refurbishing the original iron hardware, and building kevel cleats and quarter-knees! We also take a field-trip to help a legendary local boatbuilder turn his final boat, and Patrick has a transformative experience with a suitcase!
In this BONUS episode I shape all the Teak cap rail pieces and fit them to the boat! We also catch up with a few different jobs going on in different areas, including fitting the bronze bobstay fitting.
In this episode we catch up with a lot of different cabinetry jobs that have been going on inside Tally Ho, including the oak frame-and-panel doors, the saloon seating, the galley countertop, chart table seat, and much more! We also meet a few new members of the crew, talk about the upcoming open house, and witness a lot of tomfoolery, as per usual.
In this episode Zeal finishes the main rudder, hot-riveting the pintles in place and mounting the trim-tab on bronze gudgeons. We also prepare for our “open house” event, which involves mounting the skylight hatch on deck and showing off the bronze winches.
In this episode I finally get around to finishing the Teak companionway ladder that is the main entrance to the boat. Underneath it is a critical electrical distribution locker that contains a lot of technology that mustn’t get wet, so I have to design and make some watertight locker-lids! Meanwhile, Bob does some beautiful work fabricating some custom bronze vents for the lazaretto and installing an elegant fairlead through the bulwarks. Oh - and the Duchess has a baby!
n this short bonus episode we make final preparations to move Tally Ho out of the big shed-hanger. That involves a lot of work on the cockpit, fitting the diesel fills, constructing the stem band, fitting the mainsheet gybe buffer, and of course many silly crew antics! Plus a special appearance from Pancho.
In this episode we move Tally Ho out into the big wide world! ….we also get the forestay eye-bolt installed, the exhaust systems get finished, and the mezzanine gets dismantled and rebuilt again.
In this episode Tally Ho gets a mast - for the first time in decades! ....and then we have to take it out again.
Leo leaves the country - it’s up to Patrick to tell the story this week!
In this episode we finally step Tally Ho’s mast! But first, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done on the spreaders, attaching them to the mast and making brackets to hold the radar, VHF, lights, and more.
In this episode we hang Tally Ho’s boom on the mast - but before that, we see Zeal construct the solid Teak and Purpleheart Fife rail, and Nic works on some cherry cabinetry for the chart table area. The Duchess of Desire has a shocking encounter with mortality.
In this episode I have some very sad news to share. Later on, we get stuck into some interesting and complex woodwork.
In this episode we install a lot of deck hardware, including the steering compass and gammon iron, we see an impressive electrical panel coming together, and we build a shed over the deck. But did we mount the compass in the wrong place?
In this holiday special we tour the boat and catch up with all the projects that are currently ongoing or finished but haven’t been in a video yet! They include winch bases, electrical panels, cabinets, a very versatile ladder, and even some Christmas lights.
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