Tally Ho on June 15th 2017 at 16:30 local time, on the trailer at Brookings Harbour and getting ready to go.

I rather imagine there's a bit more to do before they start moving as I can't see anything to stop her sliding forwards.

Thanks to Pat Kellis, our man locally, for the photo and also _huge_ thanks for his efforts in keeping Tally Ho covered and sensibly protected for so very long. One very, very, dedicated octogenarian.

Thank You Pat!


Update 17th June

There's been something of a delay. The tractor, the bit at the right with the cab, had developed an oil leak and couldn't be used at the time expected. It's since been across to Medford, OR, where it was repaired and a 5pm local time, Friday 16th, was on its way back to Port of Brookings Harbour.

The plan then is to move her at 05:00 local on Saturday 17th, which as I write this is "any minute now".

Fingers crossed that it goes OK this time.

Hopefully I'll have photos and/or a video soon.

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